Don’t condemn in others, what we condone in ourselves

So you think ISIS is a crisis?

Okay! Let’s just take Bashar and BB and put them behind us,

And oh, what about those demons inside us?!

We invade and destroy Iraq, like act like don’t mind us!

You wanna flip out when ISIS carries out crimes in the name of God,

But what about the drones and bombs that we drop a lot on villages,

We received images of children in little bits and pieces,

In the name of freedom and peace,

It’s mind boggling… how we condemn in others what we condone in ourselves

If you wana stop the violence, you can’t make exceptions,

If you wana stop the violence, then stop selling weapons,

Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Raytheons,

Instigate by funding speakers, sending instant hates so they can profit,

If you wana stop it then stop them,

No more solutions involving ‘lets just bomb them’,

We can’t kill and kill and kill and think that it helps,

We can’t condemn in others what we condone in ourselves.

Yes I’m Muslim, yes I’m biased,

Based on the fact I know people overseas that are lifeless,

Cause rockets and shells are part of the climate,

Instead of clouds and shade,

The sky buzzes loud with drones and rain of hell fire leaving pain,

And the stain of blood on clothes and scattered bones,

Every single drone rocket fires a couple more points on the Down Jones,

I’m just hoping what I say can help, we can’t condemn in others what we condone in ourselves.

Look, I’m not saying this is your fault,

But I am saying maybe YOU should apologise,

Especially since ‘supposedly’ it is my fault,

The latest assault on the lives of husbands and wives that took place on the other side of the planet,

Somehow it’s connected to me even though I didn’t plan it,

If we Muslims have to apologise for the four letter word that’s p**sing off the world,

Then you have to apologise,

For the ones who colonise to occupy and terrorise,

And apologise for the lies fed that led to the thousands that died,

And Iraq, for so-called weapons of mass destruction that you couldn’t find,

Do we have a deal?

I’m sorry if you feel uncomfortable, that’s just cognitive dissonance,

Yes I look different, I’m the son of an immigrant, you and I both!

What a coincidence… isn’t it odd how we condemn in others what we condone in ourselves.

The first thing you need to comprehend is that war is profitable,

So let’s pretend, isn’t it possible that we aren’t at war for defence,

But for dollars and cents,

And differences are exploited, and all of these fence in the media are leading ya,

To a fight you never wanted,

Does any of that make sense?

Now don’t tell me I am defending ISIS, cause they killed thousands more Muslims than western journalists,

The more we ignore this fact the worse it gets,

Where was the shot when Bashar dropped barrel bombs on civilians in Syria,

Where was the constant media and why are they feeding ya,

Their fake concern for civilians now?

Bashar killed 200,000 before ISIS came to town.

Why do we chose which evil is necessary to fight?

Why do we only march for Christians and Whites, but not the Black or Brown, the Muslim Arab or Kurd?

Some blood is as cheap as dirt!

We can’t condemn in others what we condone in ourselves.

Why are we so mad that ISIS is killing?

Didn’t Israel just slaughter 500 children last summer?

Why is that not chilling?

Why are we willing?

Why are we okay to pay dollar and shilling, for the slaughter of mothers and daughters,

But, we can’t stand to see men in ninja outfits chopping off heads.

What’s the difference between a plane and a blade if both lead people dead?

What’s the difference between killing your support and killing your against?

My point is that all life is sacred,

So stop with all the hatred,

Cos blood is still blood,

No matter how you try and paint it.

We can’t condemn in others what we condone in ourselves.

By Ismail ibn Nazir Satia

I'm for the truth no matter who tells it. I'm for justice no matter who it is for or against. I'm a human being first and foremost and for whoever benefits humanity...

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