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“Innocent, until proven guilty…”

“The believers are nothing else than brothers. So make reconciliation between your brothers, and fear Allah, that you may receive mercy.” [Al-Hujurat, 49:10]

The Prophet (peace and blessings upon him) said, “Release the prisoners.”

The scholars of the past would says, “If a Muslim becomes incarcerated in the west, it is an obligation of the Muslims in the east to free them. And if a Muslim becomes incarcerated in the east, it is an obligation of the Muslims in the west to free them.”


He’s been indicted, the general decided, the paper incited, he must be guilty,

The agent presumed, the prosecutors consumed and the judge assumed we’re sure he is guilty.

The bigots are infused, TV is amused, the public is confused, but trust us he is guilty,

Doesn’t matter what we saw, we will simply change the law, call it the final straw we think he’s guilty.

We have him on a call, it may be to congressional hall, our goal is to make him fall, because we believe him to be guilty,

The trial would be perfect, when guilty is the verdict, even if the evidence is suspect, never mind we find him guilty,

But he only spoke his mind, to people of every kind, justice may be blind, but it’s been hard to find, because he’s innocent.

Strip search.

His body was built, his head was bald,

His heart was dead, his face was cold.

His eyes were fierce, moustache was thick,

He lifted up his finger, I was his pick.

Take off your jumper and shirt and boxers,

But I’ve only been to the library, have not seen or met anybody,

Strip! You’re going to strip! And don’t you dare move your lip.

Take off your shirt and jumper and boxers. Open your mouth show me your tongue,

Give me a cough, deep from your lung.

Hold your buttocks and bend over, turn around, lift it up and stay sober.

The routine is to humiliate, to scar and to intimidate,

His search took an eternity, in the name of security, they strip you of your dignity.


They came Monday morning, in front of my door,

Five COs and one Lt at 6 foot and 4.

Come out, shut up, cough up, they said.

Turn around, back up, hold up your head.

They joked and laughed, it’s time for a shakedown!

Control, destroy and don’t you dare frown!

Contraband! Contraband! He yelled from the side. My heart has sank, he’s found my height.

Extra blanket, extra sheet, boxers he’s thrown.

Plastic spoon, peanut butter and a picture I’d drawn.

My heart was beating faster than before,

If he finds it my life ain’t the same any more.

Seconds and minutes were passing like years,

Frustrated, worried and crying without tears.

Undaunted they left, cell upside down,

Startled it looked, like a tornado hit town.

But I calmed and laughed and thanked the Lord,

My pencil is safe and mightier than the sword.


12 Rabeeul Thani 1436

“The Believers, in their mutual love, mercy and compassion, are like one body: if one organ complained, the rest of the body develops a fever.” [Bukhari & Muslim]

O Allah! Please free the innocent, that are shackled in chains and locked up behind bars.

O Allah! Be a guardian for their families.

Ameen Ya Rabb!

By Ismail ibn Nazir Satia

I'm for the truth no matter who tells it. I'm for justice no matter who it is for or against. I'm a human being first and foremost and for whoever benefits humanity...

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Subhan’Allah this is very touching. Right now I’m really lost for words. Allah ‘Azza wa Jal does not do injustice to any soul. And He will surely reward them for their suffering in this world. May Allah ta’aalaa help them and grant patience to their families. Ameen.
Jazak Allah khair.

JazakAllah for this. A sad yet happy (the ending) poem. Another eye-opener to the daily drill for so many of our brothers (and sisters).

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