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I want to see. . .


I want to see men who are selfless, caring and compassionate.

I want to see men who stand up for the truth with courage, spirit and valour.

I want to see men who are protectors of their families, not cowards.

I want to see men who are full of ghayrah and jealousy, nerve and audacity, guts and gallantry.

I want to see men who are guardians – wary and watchful,  like shepherds watching their flock – not apathetic, not neglectful.

I want to see men who are ‘men’, not just males. Even animals have male species, but they are unable to do what we are capable of.

I want to see men who are good fathers, loving and devoted, playful and joyful, not moody and grumpy with regimental rules or over disciplined.

I want to see men with who are empathetic and sympathetic, who are thoughtful and considerate without reciprocation.

I want to see men who think intelligently, speak intelligently, and act intelligently – not docile and passive.

I want to see men who are articulate, eloquent and handsome in language; whose speech stirs fear in dead hearts and wakes up a sleepy mind.

I want to see men who are not beguiled by materialistic charm and charisma, rather they are content and appeased.

I want to see men who would give their lives fighting for what is right, standing for people’s rights; not fear anyone to gain the mist of peace even if they had to battle through a war of fog.

I want to see women who appreciate their true value, who are not limited to the colour of their skin and the size of their hips.

I want to see women who are fit and healthy, not forcefully anorexic and skinny to impress society’s desires.

I want to see women who comprehend what a ‘good woman’ is; it is far more than she who has the highest heels and tightest clothes.

I want to see women who understand being a mother is priceless; not every woman is blessed enough to be a mother.

I want to see women who have careers and jobs, but also realise there is no greater career and no superior job than the upbringing of children in a rightful manner.

I want to see women who dress to impress, yes, to impress Him SWT and only Him SWT.

I want to see women who are queens of their homes, without being bossy and dominant, be leaders of their children, be managers of their husband’s needs.

I want to see women who are good Muslimah daughters, give da’wah and attend circles without forgetting their obligation is with their family and parents first and foremost.

I want to see women who marry men for their character and piety, not just for his job, looks and salary.

I want to see women who support their husbands and encourage them without being negative or their first opponent.

I want to see men and women who will hopefully read this message in a positive light as that is the intention I have written it with. May we all take heed from the good and please forgive me and correct me on anything that comes across negative, In Sha Allah.

“A bitter truth is better than a sweet lie.”

Ismail Ibn Nazir Satia

(One who is in dire need of Allah’s Forgiveness, Mercy and Pleasure).

14 Rabiul Awwal 1436

By Ismail ibn Nazir Satia

I'm for the truth no matter who tells it. I'm for justice no matter who it is for or against. I'm a human being first and foremost and for whoever benefits humanity...

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