Dear Sisters,

Allah has ordained a certain amount of days where a woman is not to pray/fast due to menstruation and in Ramadhan, as we are already aware, the ruling is no different.  However, despite not fasting and that being totally halal for you, it is still very important to have respect for the people who are fasting and bearing in mind the sanctity of this holy month, to avoid eating in public. 

For those mothers with young children it is paramount to educate them about the sanctity of Ramadhan and to teach them to take food home and eat it rather than in public. We can’t keep mollycoddling our children and give them everything they want INSTANTLY. 

Respect and etiquette for our deen, for each other is important and unfortunately, this seems to becoming extinct in the Ummah. We must know of non Muslim colleagues etc who refuse to eat in front of us because of us fasting. Remember the story of the Jewish father who scolded his son for eating in public in Ramadhan. Allah granted him hidayah. 

But shameful to say our own Muslim sisters are losing respect and hayaa. With the rise in feminism, we have some saying there is no need to ‘hide and eat, we are women and we get periods so deal with it’. But our point is not to be ashamed of your being a woman and menstruating, rather, respect the deen, respect the month and respect your surrounding Muslims. There is no need to announce inadvertently to the world that you are on your period. 

NB: The same rule applies to brothers or anyone who is ill or isn’t fasting due to health reasons. Please bear in mind the glorious month we are passing through and have respect for others. Obviously, certain circumstances can be excused.

Ismail ibn Nazir Satia (one who is in dire need of Allah’s forgiveness, mercy and pleasure)

10 Ramadhan 1440


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