Brief notes from the talk delivered by the Wife of Mufti Taqi Uthmani Saheb, Pakistan

•Respect the fact that the mil has brought up the son and then married him off to you.
•Dil has left her home to live with you, respect that and truly understand that
•The child will be a reflection of the mother, hence why so important to do zikr whilst pregnant.
•Stay in wudhu whilst breastfeeding and praying/listening to the Quran at the same time.
•Husband and wife are like a mode of transport, works with both wheels.
•*Ya Azeezu 21x
Ya Wadudu 21x
wa alqaytu alayka muhabbatam minni 3/7x, blow on water and the whole family to drink for love*
•Allahumma allif bayna quloobina…
•Ask Allah that sab mujh seh muhabbat kareh aur mey sab seh muhabbat karu.
•Allah loves those who ask Him.
•Stay on top of your qadha namaz and Roza – who is to say our family will give the fidya after our death, at least die whilst trying to complete them.
•Mil should forgive the dil, she’s young. Dil should not take offence at mil telling her off because so does your own mother.
•Dil says it’s not fardh on me to serve mil but Nabi SAW teaches compassion and love.
•Parents duas are unmatchable – do their khidmah without a single uff and take their duas – 

(Wife of Mufti Taqi Uthmani Saheb), 11/6/19, Blackburn

•Masaail are for darul qadha (courts/justice system) not for the household. Put the masaail on the side when it comes to household relationships.
•Dont give me ‘she’s my husbands mother, not mine’
•Leave your Qudooris and Sharah Wiqayas on the side.
•Men should be men – respectful towards their wife. 
•If a woman is right then the whole nation is right. 

*Fatema Apa – Wife of Mufti Shabbir, Blackburn*


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