Lecture by the Respected Wife of Hadhrat Mufti Taqi Uthmani Sahib (hafidhahullah) at Tayyiba Masjid, Bolton – 2/10/19
Firstly, Khala Jaan apologised for the delay and expressed her happiness on seeing everyone, then Khala went on to say she was not a learned person, but she wanted to share a few words that she had learnt from the pious people.
1. The life of a person is very valuable and it is a blessing that today we have no value left for, we waste its precious moments and each day that goes we a losing it. It is like melting ice, we don’t think about the akhirah.
2. We need to think how we live, think about each action we do and do it according to the sunnah way. For example, cooking make niyyah that when my family eats this food they’ll be able to do ibadah of Allah Ta’ala. When we do our house cleaning make niyyah of sunnah as Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم did so and also cleanliness is part of Iman. In all actions look for the sunnah method and have the intention of sunnah.
3. Recite all the Masnoon duaas, make a habit of regularly praying them, teaching it to your children and that will be a sadaqah-e-jariya for you too.
4. Pray durood shareef in excess as that will make you a beloved of Allah Ta’ala and you will get the duaas of the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم .
5. Have value for time, end the ghaflat/unmindfulness, do not waste time on your mobile and talking that leads to sins such a gheebat. In the previous years, men and women would do all their work by hand, making all the meals fresh, wash clothes and dishes by hand and the still had time for the ibadah. And where is our time going? It is wasted in fuzool.
6. At all times we need to keep our heart and mind connected to Allah Ta’ala. Start the day with Fajr, then do Dhikr of Istighfar, third kalimah, Subhan Allahi wa bihamdihi Subhanallahil azeem, and durood shareef. Then set a amount of tilawah that you can do, but be regular in it. Then throughout the day perform all actions as sunnah. We have become lazy in Salah, but be ready for it at the beginning time because once we start our work then we get busy.
7. At night, do wudhu and before sleeping do muhasabah (self-accounting) of your day, daily do tawbah of your sons and seek forgiveness and now in the morning that you can’t do it again. Also, do muraqabah of Qiyamah, think the sun will be so close and the questions that you will have to answer.
8. At all times keep your tongue busy with Dhikr, any form of Dhikr. Then, whenever your death comes you will be doing Dhikr. Through Dhikr you also get a lot of barakah, you become the beloved of Allah Ta’ala because you are remembering Him. So keep talking and asking from Allah Ta’ala. even in ease and happiness when you ask Allah Ta’ala gets very happy and brings you close to Him, then when you are in difficulty He will immediately accept your duaas because you’ve been constantly talking to Him. Also, Shaytan runs away from you because of your state of Dhikr.
9. Keep your husband happy and you’ll go Jannah, don’t always complain as soon as he comes. Have a daily time where the whole family sits together and read a kitab – like islaahi khutubaat or easy Quran translation. Learn what is in the Quran because it has about everything in life. Also do this with your children as they will learn by sitting and listening and they will do good deeds. And also make duaa collectively.
Green dom10. If you have backbitten about someone seek their forgiveness. If you can’t say it to them, then write and ask because otherwise in the hereafter she will get all your good deeds and you will get her bad deeds. There was a story of the pious person who was informed that someone was doing gheebat of him so he sent mithai to his house so he was asked why did you do that so he said that that man is giving me more rewards for the hereafter so I am giving him a recompense in the world.
11. Fill your free time with Dhikr, tilawah, reading. At all times remember death.
12. Think of all your body parts and use them in good ways and not in anything haram. Like your eyes, ears, heart and mind. Express gratitude for them and He will increase the blessings and if you are ungrateful he will take them away.
13. Read the book Uswa -e-Akram صلى الله عليه وسلم by Dr Shaykh AbdulHayy Aarifi rahmatullahi alayh, it will teach you the Sunnah way of life and act upon it.
14. Live a life that you help and benefit others. Nowadays we are too busy on our mobiles and they are ruining our eyes, heart and our children. Keep your children busy and teach them so they will be your sadaqah jaariya.
15. Before you pray you Witr Salah pray 4 or 8 rakats of Tahajjud so you get the reward. And pray Surah Sajdah,Surah Mulk and last ruku of Surah Baqarah daily at night so it protects you. Be a role model for your children.
16. If you have any Qadha fast complete them as soon as possible, fast Monday and Thursday, 13/14/15 of every month and winter days for us are very short. Likewise, Salah will be the first thing we are questioned about. So pray one each day, so Fajr Qadha with Fajr, Dhuhr Qadhawith Dhuhr etc and at the end of the year you will have completed one full year.
And even if you pass away before finishing it, but because you started it in sha Allah, Allah Ta’ala will forgive you because of your efforts because you don’t know if fidyah will be given for you.
Finally, khala jaan ended with saying, we all listen to bayans and talks but we need to leave with the spiritual blessings and make the changes.
Allah grant us the ability.Green


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