“The book is profound and relevant.” Shaykh Sulaiman Moola.
Foreword by Mufti Faruq Saheb and Mufti Ibrahim Saheb Raja.
An excellent guide for parents and teachers who are struggling with hifdh kids.
Please follow the link to purchase:

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tareq · 27th April 2019 at 06:24

Asalamu alaykum. I’ve gotten through the book and needles to say, Shaikh Suleiman Moola is right, profound and relevant. I sincerely believe that if all muslims followed it’s tenants and saw the Quran in this light, where the author has backed everything up with the examples from sunnah and the followers of it and from the Quran’s guidance itself, Britain at least may become a much improved place for the believers (both the Alis and the Andrews). I hope everyone keeps the contributors in their dua, as i will certainly try to. Jazakum-llahu-khyra

Shanoor · 27th April 2019 at 13:09

Mashallah. This is a MUST read book for ALL the parents intending for their son/daughter to become a Haafidh/Haafidha, also for Qur’aan teachers as well as Huffaadh.

The book explains today’s realities some may be facing becoming a Haafidh and taking the necessary steps to maximise benefits in learning the Holy Qur’aan.

    Ismail Ibn Nazir Satia · 28th April 2019 at 15:04

    Alhumdu Lillah! JazakAllah Khayran brother

      Zakiyya · 29th April 2019 at 07:24

      Assalaam, jzk khair for your prompt delivery and response. Alhamdulillah the book was very inspirational and provided much valued information in helping me as a parent help my son with his hifz. May Allah Taala reward Maulana Ismail Satia on taking his time to write this book and assist and guide many students and parents alike, Aameen.

        Ismail Ibn Nazir Satia · 1st May 2019 at 21:57

        Jazak Allah, I am glad you found it of benefit. All credit is due to Allah!

        Allah make it easy for you and your son, I hope he finishes his Hifdh soon and memorises the Quran with accuracy and efficiency. Ameen.

Usman · 6th May 2019 at 11:47

Really important points made which are useful for both parents and also teachers.

Excellent read

Shazad · 12th May 2019 at 15:27

MashaAllah. Really good sincere advice. Good reminders and tips. Now all I need to do is find a Quran teacher for my kids InshaAllah! Jzk Sheikh.

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